Safety is a serious concern for every construction project, whether it’s residential or commercial. As every job presents unique hazards, it’s vital to be prepared for anything that may arise and be willing to adapt and change to ensure the best safety practices.

Central Florida commercial general contractors will ensure safety in different ways, but when it comes to commercial construction projects, a few things must be kept in mind.

Best Practices for a Safe and Efficient Commercial Construction Project

Ensure Ladders and Scaffolding Are Set Securely

Uneven ground can make ladders unsteady, and even the sturdiest of scaffolding fold. As over 4,500 construction workers fall from scaffolding every year, it’s essential to take extra measures to ensure it’s safe for use.

Scaffolding has to be at least 10 feet away from powerlines, set on even ground and must be able to hold four times its weight. It should be accessible via stairs or ladders and have handrails, mid rails, toeboards, and braces to keep it strong and safe.

Ensure that ladders can support the worker and the load it is holding. Be sure to use the correct ladder for the job so that it can safely reach where it is needed. Metal ladders should never touch or be near electrical wires or powerlines.

Keep the Area Free of Debris

Debris can present a tripping hazard, so be sure that the work area is cleared out regularly and that debris isn’t left behind when moving onto a new section of the project. All stairways, hallways, and construction zones should be free of potential tripping hazards to limit the risks posed by forgotten boards, left behind tools, and clunky equipment.

Plan Ahead

The best way to prepare for potential hazards and ensure workers are safe is by planning ahead of time. With enough time before starting the project, workers can be briefed on safety guidelines and implement additional safety measures around the worksite.

The safety of pedestrians walking by or through the worksite is just as important. Planning ahead allows enough time to block off the worksite and ensure that pedestrians won’t be too close and at risk of being hurt.

Think About Staffing and Scheduling

It’s important that a construction project is completed in a timely manner, but having too many workers scheduled at once can present a safety issue. Additionally, overworking the workers can lead to tired mistakes and increase the risk of an accident.

In order to avoid incidents, make sure that there are not too many workers scheduled for one shift. Everyone should be able to move about easily and not have to worry about too many people working on the same thing. When workers have a long shift, don’t schedule them for another long shift immediately after. This will prevent workers from getting too tired and making dangerous mistakes.

Enforce Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Rules

Sometimes, workers can get a little relaxed about wearing their hard times and gloves. When it gets particularly hot, workers may be tempted to shed off additional protective layers when they’re working on something easy.

While it may be easy and tempting to take off PPE, make sure all workers are always wearing it. They should always have on hard hats, gloves, slip-resistant work boots, eyeglasses, and masks when working with certain tools. This will help reduce the severity of injuries and may help prevent minor injuries.


Safety during a commercial construction project is crucial as any injuries can lead to delays, insurance complications, and loss of lives. Even when high temperatures make it tempting to take off protective layers or setbacks tempt the management to overlook certain protocols, the risk of injury is not worth it. Feel free to ask us more about our safety protocols, and we’ll be glad to answer any questions.