Commercial properties are a significant part of the country, serving various industries and driving the economy. Shopping malls and office buildings are just two of the most common commercial properties that often come to mind. However, there is so much more variety when it comes to commercial construction in Orlando, so keep reading to find out about each type.

Types of Commercial Construction


The traditional shopping center is one of the most noticeable forms of commercial construction, with some of the most varied needs. Buildings like malls have tons of different shapes, styles, and materials used, which will require solid craftsmanship and interior design throughout all parts of the building.

This type of retail building is more than just construction and revolves heavily around creating an attractive design. From site development to carpenters, retail buildings are all about the right details throughout every step of the process.


Commercial warehouses require robust functionality since this is where businesses store their goods and materials. Just like any commercial construction work, there is great emphasis on quality materials used and durability. Whether you are building from scratch or want to add offices or other elements to your industrial building, we have the expertise to help.

Office Buildings

The traditional office building may look typical, but there’s a lot that goes into each building. With office buildings, you want to maximize space for optimal profitability. If you have a plot of urban land to build on, we will be able to help you make the most out of the limited space. 


Storage construction is a huge opportunity, with thousands of these facilities spread around. Every storage space may look similar, but each and every one of these spaces requires serious attention to detail to ensure that all items inside remain safe while they are being stored.

Regardless of the type of storage facility being built, you can trust our team to help with every part of the process. This can include tailoring custom designs to match your specific industry needs and building your storage solutions with highly resistant steel to ensure that your facility remains in good condition for years.

Child Care Centers

Constructing child care centers is all about creating a space that will help children feel safe and cared for while helping them focus and enjoy their time throughout the day.

Of course, there are also standards to these types of buildings that vary by state. You can still have your building customized once you meet these requirements so that you can have a building that suits children and staff alike. For example, you might want a more open concept for some transparency, or you might want fewer corridors. No matter what your vision is for your child care center, let us help you make it a reality.

Senior Housing

Senior living construction is about composing a comfortable space for the elderly. This may include specific amenities such as entertainment rooms, spas, and swimming pools.

Of course, you cannot forget the construction of apartments, or even an entire retirement community area. Senior living construction demands attention to detail, adhering to state and local codes for assisted living and memory care units.


People often overlook commercial buildings in favor of their own residential homes, but these structures are vital to our environment. Commercial buildings need to be built to specific codes, and the right builder is essential to ensuring that the building is well-designed and built to be safe and long-lasting. Contact us today to discuss more about your commercial project and see how we can help.